Fire Dragon, rescue mode

Fire Dragon is a large-scale vehicle that resembles a hi-tech fire engine and semi-trailer truck. It was assigned to Fire-1. Fire Dragon's final rescue is Ice Tornado, launching twin streams of icy water before a Dragon Attack.

Rescue FireEdit

Fire Dragon was given to Tatsuya Homura and was launched to fight against the motorcycle Fire Majin,Biken.

On Episode 2,Fire Dragon fighted InuKaen

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Scramble ModeEdit

In Scramble mode, Fire Dragon's ladder acts as a vehicle bed that carries small-scale vehicles. The ladder is attached behind.

Rescue ModeEdit

In rescue mode, Fire Dragon's ladder attaches to the top. In this formation, Fire Dragon can use Dragon Shot, Dragon Ladder, and Dragon Anchor.


Super Fire DragonEdit


Super Fire Dragon

Super Fire Dragon is the combination of Fire Dragon, Dozer Dragon, and Turbo Dragon. Dozer Dragon's arms attach to each side of Fire Dragon Rescue Mode. Dozer Dragon's main body attaches on top of Turbo Dragon and connect behind Fire Dragon. Turbo Dragon's fan attaches to Fire Dragon's ladder. Finally, Fire Dragon's cannons attach to each side of the fan, completing the combination. Its Final rescue is Super Ice Tornado, a more powerful version of Ice Tornado, followed by a Super Dragon Attack, launching a charged up Dash-1.

Rescue KingEdit


Rescue King

The robot combination of Fire Dragon and X-Dragon. X-Dragon forms the armor and Fire Dragon is the chest. Its weapon is the King X-Basher, a sword that resembles Fire 1-X's X-Basher. Its final rescue is X-Crush, where Fire-1 X charges up his X-Basher and Rescue King sends a X-slash at its opponent.

Rescue King and GaiaLeonEdit

Rescue King once rode on top of GaiaLeon. Together, they can preform the Double Impact Double Final Rescue.

Cerberus DragonEdit


Cerberus Dragon

The combination of Fire Dragon and the upgraded Rescue Force medium-scale vehicles. Cerberus Crash is the final rescue for Cerberus Dragon where it launches multiple ice blasts then crash its crane, drill, claw, and shovel attachments.
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