Cerberus Dragon's Final Rescue

Final Rescue is the term used by the UFDA's rescue teams when they preform finisher move for their vehicles. Final Rescues contain enormous amount of energy, that the users have to be careful of when to unleash during a situation.

Rescue ForceEdit

In Tomica Hero: Rescue Force , the approval for a final rescue is given by Captain Ishiguro (and sometimes the Captain General) to Rescue Force. The Final Rescues can be summoned by Rescue Force through Rescue Cards.

Final Rescue Vehicle Result
Water Cannon Rescue Striker streams of freezing water is shot from twin cannons
Flash Cannon Rescue Saver shoots a sphere of freezing water from its cannon
Flash Drill Rescue Diver shoots eight drill-shaped freezing missiles
Riser Splash Riser Striker launches freezing water from ladder at high targets
Shovel Crash Shovel Striker brings down bucket on target and crush or toss them
Drill Booster Drill Striker charges at enemy with its spinning drills from air
Turbo Tornado Turbo Striker, Turbo Saver unleashes a tornado at its target from its fan
Dozer Drive Dozer Saver crushes disaster machines in its jaws
Max Cannon Rescue Max shoots a stream of freezing water then ram into the enemy with its fist.
Max Blaster Rescue Max Drill-Dozer fling opponent into air and pierce with drill
Freezing Cannon* Rescue Max and Rescue Phoenix
Striker Attack* God Striker launches vehicle parts at the disaster machine and then pierce with its drill
Drill Blaster Super Rescue Max freezes the target and pierce with the drill
Super Max Blaster Super Rescue Max Crane sends a freeze wave, then launch the crane arm at the enemy before piercing with Diver Drill
Great Full Cannon* Great God Striker launches all vehicular weapons at once.
  • indicates the Final Rescue was only used once

Rescue FireEdit

In Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire, the vehicle users could give approval themselves of the Final Rescue. Final Rescues can be utilized through the Rescue Megaphones, Jet Calibers, and X-Basher.

Final Rescue Vehicle Result
Ice Tornado Fire Dragon fires twin streams of freezing water
Binder Crush Dozer Dragon sends a freeze wave with its claws
Blast Hurricane Turbo Dragon Siren's sound waves cause fan to send a spiraling freezing ice stream
Aurora Break Jet Falcon a jetstream that forms around the Fire Majin
Freezing Corrider Heli Falcon a freezing whirlwind that surrounds the enemy.
X-Meteor Punch X-Dragon Robo a powerful fiery punch that destroys the enemy upon imact
Leon Burst GaiaLeon From its mouth, it shoots a freezing bullet that seperates into 4 lion-shaped bullets that freezes and destroys the enemy
Freezing Cannon Fire Phoenix Shoots two spiral freezing blasts from its wings
Super Ice Tornado Super Fire Dragon

shoots a more powerful version of Ice Tornado from Turbo Dragon's fan and Fire Dragon's cannons

Super Aurora Break Super Jet Falcon brings down snow-like particles that freezes the enemy
Infinite Thunder Great Wyvern a wave of electric energy surrounds the opponent
X-Crush Rescue King Freezes the target after slashing with an X-slash
Great Hurricane Great Wyvern GX multiple blasts that form into one freezing ray that freezes the target and extinguish the surrounding fires.
Wyvern Cannon Rescue King and Wyvern Cannon A round spiked freezing projectile is shot from the cannon.
Double Impact Double Final Rescue Rescue King and GaiaLeon Rescue King and GaiaLeon's Final Rescues combined
Cerberus Crash Cerberus Dragon multiple ice blasts freeze the enemy, followed by crushing the enemy with its vehicle parts.
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