Eiji Ishiguro

Eiji Ishiguro is Rescue Force's captain and R5, donnig a black armor. He gives approvals for Final Rescues and is a tough member.

Korean name: 에이지 (Eiji)

1st Generation TeamEdit

Eiji Ishiguro was part of the first Rescue Force along with Kamiya (R2), Naomi Okamura (R3), Natsuno Nanbu (R4), and Obuchi (R1), his sempai.

Eiji saw his sempai design some technology. The first one he noticed was of a design of a robot called Rescue Max. But the technology to make it was lacked and another decade will have to wait. Another time, he watched Obuchi trying the Max Program that'll allow the user to transform into R1 Max. But the data was incomplete, and Obuchi often got injured by it.

On one mission, Ishiguro and Obuchi went to a mountain foreign lab. Turned out the energy the lab developed was to be used for a man-made volcano, which caused an explosion. R5 survived, but Obuchi-sempai have seemed to pesish.

2nd Generation TeamEdit

RescueForce R5

R5 Returns

On 2nd Generation He become the captain of Resue Force.

Rescue FireEdit

He is transferred to the Europe branch, welcoming Taiga during his visit. He returns from episodes 18, 37-38.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Eiji Ishiguro is tough and usually wise. It was revealed that as R5, he develops a gruff and rash personality, causing him to make hasty actions. This problem was fixed by Hikaru and a man from a resturant he knew. Ishiguro was also seen to have a soft side, as he cuddles his bear when scared.


Riku TaigaEdit

In Rescue Fire, it was revealed that they were classmates together.

Hikaru TodorokiEdit

Hikaru was possibly the hardest member to train. Despite his personality, Ishiguro notices Hikaru's Rescue Soul remarkable. When the captain was planning to go to Europe, he decided to choose Hikaru to succeed him after seeing his skill during the Magma Crisis


Obuchi was Ishiguro's sempai and best friend. When Obuchi bcame evil and became Daen, Ishiguro would try to come back to the light.

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