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A Dragon Attack is the finisher move of Rescue Fire's Dashes after a Final Rescue. Right after the main vehicle freezes the enemy in a large chunk of thick ice, the vehicle would launch its charged-up Dash at the enemy. The Dash would then ram at it and crash through the frozen opponent, destroying it in the process.

Other versions of Dragon Attacks

Falcon Attack

The Falcon attack is used by the Sky Team's vehicles that take flight. After trapping the enemy in an Aurora Break or Freezing Corrider, the Dah would go on an energy track that leads it to charge at and destroy the enemy. When the Sky Team's Dashes do their Falcon Attacks at once, it's called a Double Falcon Attack.

Super Dragon Attack

Super Dragon Attack is a powerful version of Dragon Attack. A fired-up Dash-1 would launch from Super Fire Draon at the enemy.

Super Falcon Attack

Super Falcon Attack is an upgraded version of Falcon Attack. Super Jet Falcon sends a charged-up Dash-4 at the Fire Majin.

Great Wyvern Attack

This is a Dragon Attack of the Great Wyvern and Great Wyvern GX. When it's Great Wyvern, Dash-1 is electrically charged and speed at the enemy. Great Wyvern GX launches all of the charged Dashes at the enemy.

Phoenix Crash

Fire Phoenix launches itself like a charging Rescue Dash after it encases the Fire Majin in ice with a Freezing Cannon.