Dozer Dragon

Dozer Dragon is a silver medium-scale vehicle with gold accents. Its main tool is its Dragon bucket. This vehicle was assigned to Fire-2.

Standby mode and Rescue modeEdit

In standby mode, Dozer Dragon is a speeding vehicle with its bucket at the back. To transform into rescue mode, its treads and bucket would go on the front, making Dozer Dragon a bulldozer. Originally, the rescue mode was unaccesible due to the limited cooling system, forcing Dozer Dragon to remain in rescue mode for only 45 seconds.


Dozer Dragon's attacks include the Tough Tornado Drop and Tough Machine Drop, using the Dragon bucket. Its final rescue is Bind Crash. First Dozer Dragon sends a freeze wave at the target, lift it into the air, and then finish off with a Dragon Attack from Dash-2. Dozer Dragon and Fire Dragon could do a Combination Attack, where Dozer Dragon flings Fire Dragon at the enemy.

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