The Dark Commander

Dark Commander is Neo Terror's own version of Rescue Force's Rescue Commander. It was given to Marre by AI Daen. Among its functions includes tracking down energy chargers, starts up extreme disasters, and summoning Zukkiens.

Crisis CardsEdit

The crisis cards are cards that starts up super disasters when slashed through the Dark Commander. After a card is slashed through, a computerized voice from the Dark Commander would say, "Crisis start up."

Magnet CrisisEdit

The first crisis card to be used, activates a magnetic field that wrecks anything metal.

Aurora CrisisEdit

This card summons a special aurora called Dark Aurora that explodes anything in its path.

Sound CrisisEdit

This card sends sonic waves that was meant to cause buildings to collapse.

Wind CrisisEdit

The card creates strong winds, hurricanes, and gusts from nearby fans

Bubble CrisisEdit

The crisis involves bubbles that explode when touched.

Microwave CrisisEdit

This card allowed Neo Terror to hack into Pilot Corp Development and take control of the Microwave Cannon

Plant CrisisEdit

The card activates a chalk board with a mechanical hand attached. The hand would scratch at the board, making a sound that kills plants, so people would breathe only carbon dioxide. Due to the executives stepping on the card and ripping it, only the vegetables disappeared.

Magma CrisisEdit

Activates a Zukkien with a large nail that penetrates through the earth's crust, letting lava ooze out.

Megaton Crisis Edit

The card that's most often used by Neo Terror to summon the Zukkiens. When the card is slashed through the Dark Commader, it says the command, "Megaton up!".

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