Chukaen with her war fan

Chukaen is the only female Jakaen executive. Her appearance is based on a Pharoah and a cobra. The kind of Fire Majins she made were from plants. Her weapon is a war fan.


Upgraded FormsEdit

Flame DemonEdit

When touched by Jokaen's demon fire, Chukaen becomes invulnerable to the Tri-Bashers and is able to launch her fan as a throwing weapon.

Hyper ChukaenEdit

Chukaen hyperkaen

Chukaen's Hyper Kaen form

As Hyper Chukaen, she becomes a four-eyed naga with wings attached to her arms. The first time she used this form in episode 29, she got defeated by Rescue King and Super Jet Falcon. Chukaen assumed her Hyper Kaen form in episodes 34 and 37.

Hyper Gattaikaen formsEdit




ChocoBananaChukaen looks like her Hyper Kaen form resting in a chocolate-covered peeled banana skin that was previously ChocoBananakaen. ChocoBananaChukaen is able to launch exploding banana boomerangs and spin in its peel. The Hyper Gattaien was taken out of its peel by Cerberus Dragon, then was finished off by Resue King with the Wyvern Cannon.

  • Ep. 45

Personality and TraitsEdit


Ukaen and SakaenEdit


Ritsuka YukiEdit


  • Chukaen's name means "Center Fire" (中火炎 Chukaen), which plays with both her positioning with the other Commanders and her habit of ending her sentences with "C" (シー shī).
  • Chukaen is the only Jakaen commander to have a movable facial part (her mouth).
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