Bunji Saeki

Bunji Saeki is in charge of UFDA's Vehicle Maintennance. He refers to the vehicles as his "children". He's usually seen wearing a cap with a pair of sunglasses over them.

Rescue ForceEdit

Bunji Saeki was first introduced in episode 21. He and the crew kept Rescue Dozer in storage, due to its destructive power. But Kyosuke, R2 managed to control it, allowing Rescue Dozer to be sent out on missions.

During the Omega crisis, Bunji Saeki and his workers worked hard in order to fix Rescue Striker , Saver , Drill , and Dozer. After the event, the current vehicles got damaged again. Rescue Diver was constructed and Rescue Crane was being prepared for delivery. When the vehicle arrived, Bunji gave Captain Ishiguro (who was planning to go to Europe) the signature paper to him in order for Rescue Crane to be launched.

Rescue FireEdit

While Rescue Force went to Europe, Bunji Saeki remained in Japan to work with UFDA's new rescue team, Rescue Fire.

Episode AppearancesEdit

Rescue ForceEdit

  • Ep. 21 - Kyosuke's Partner: Rescue Dozer
  • Ep. 38 - Decisive Battle! God Striker Wins!
  • Ep. 39 - Welcome Rescue Diver; Farewell, Commander Ishiguro

Rescue FireEdit

  • Ep. 7
  • Ep. 8
  • Ep. 9
  • Ep. 19
  • Ep. 25
  • Ep. 30
  • Ep. 31
  • Ep. 32
  • Ep. 37
  • Ep. 38
  • Ep. 43
  • Ep. 44
  • Ep. 47
  • Ep. 51 - The Final Decisive Battle: Explosively Extinguish Donkaen!
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