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Batsu, appearing as an armored, holographic skull

Batsu is the true founder of Neo Terror, a nanocomputer of unknown origin predating recorded history whose purpose is the protection of the planet by any means.



Existing for many millions of years, Batsu viewed the newly born Earth and began to notice the population of humans. Batsu noticed they were causing disorders to nature. The nanocomputer tried to warn them through many forms, but to no avail. Batsu decided that humanity must be disposed of for Earth to be saved.

Possessing Obuchi[]

When Obuchi, R1, was injured during an explosion, Batsu sensed his despise for humans. The nanocomputer then took a form of a mermaid light and entered inside him, making him become Daen and giving him the mind to create Neo Terror


See Maen for details.

After the new R1 Hikaru Todoroki transformed into R1 Max, Batsu exited out of Obuchi's body. Using AI Daen to give them the Dark Commander, Batsu ensured the three commanders of Neo Terror meet with it when in the form of Maen. As Maen, Batsu gave the commanders Crisis Cards and Zukkein to cause numerous Extreme Disasters. But when her Super Catastrophe Starter succeeded with her absorbing the gathered energy, Maen, reveals her history with her true form's voice before discarding the executives and assuming her true form. Batsu then proceeds to spread its being across the planet to become the genocide of all humans. However, the Rescue Force formed the Great God Striker to combat the computer. They managed to pierce through only the barrier. Batsu already knew the combination's attack could be only used once as it absorbed its clones to prepare to destroy the team.


Great God Striker seperated with only Jet Diver/Striker left. Rescue Diver then launched Striker with its drill at Batsu's brain. The nanocomputer didn't calculate this. Hikaru proclaimed the calculations were wrong in the first place and told that humans have minds to protect. Rescue Striker then pierced through the core, destroying Batsu. Hikaru and Core Striker Max managed to get out.


  • A light in shape of a mermaid that possesses Daen.
  • Maen
  • A giant armored skull, later creating a colossal mechanical body attached to a giant X-shaped cross.
  • Several unknown forms, possibly deities in various cultures.