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A group of Axtos

The Axtos are Neo Terror's androids that serve as footsoldiers. They have various weapons and some different in designs.



These Axtos appeared in the first 13 episodes of Rescue Force. They're easily defeated and are a little clumsy.

New Axtos[]

The Axtos were upgraded with gold, silver, and copper linings and harder to defeat.

Daen's Personal Axto[]

Daen has an Axto that's marked with red linings and acts as his body guard.

Maen's Personal Axto[]

Maen's Axto is possibly the toughest Axto of all the other types. It has red linings like Daen's and has Maen's horns and ribbons decorated around it. This Axto was destroyed by a combo power by four of Rescue Force's weapons.

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