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Asuka Taiga

Asuka Taiga is the young daughter of Naoshi Taiga and Captain Riku Taiga's niece. Her father is an archaeologist and was inspired by him. She wears glasses and carries high-tech gadgets for explorations and researches. Asuka also wears a blue pendant around her neck.

Korean name: 에이미 (Amy)

Rescue Fire[]

Asuka and her father went to Egypt an uncover a mysterious stone tablet telling the history of the Jakaens, ordered by Reiji Osakabe, director of UFDA. When her father managed to get the tablet out, a Blue Dragon attacked them. Asuka calmed it down with her pendant, saying they're not the Jakaens. They carried the artifact back to Japan by plane.

Upon arriving at Japan, they went to Fire Pheonix to meet Captain Taiga. After opening the crate the tablet was placed in. Asuka gave what they translated so far.

Personality and Traits[]


Episode Appearances[]

  • Ep. 24
  • Ep. 25
  • Ep. 26
  • Ep. 31
  • Ep. 36
  • Ep. 42
  • Ep. 47
  • Ep. 49
  • Ep. 51