AI Daen

AI Daen

AI Daen is an AI installed into Obuchi's black limo-like car. It has all the thought patterns and knowledge of Obuchi while he was Daen. The Neo Terror exectives referred to him as their master after the original Daen perished.


AI Daen activated shortly after its master died and planned to start where he failed. The AI recruited Neo Terror to gather the parts to build the Dark Striker, their own version of Rescue Striker. The Neo Terror then started fire in an area to lure Rescue Force. AI Daen made itself known to them. R1 immediately summoned Core Striker Max.

As they begin chasing in circles, R1 declared the AI was not Obuchi. It was true as the AI revealed it doesn't have Obuchi's emotions and memories. Then it showed its ultimate disaster machine, the Dark Striker .

AI Daen launched its car body into Dark Striker's cockpit; R1 and Rescue Striker followed it into the canyons. The AI sent Neo Terror to battle against Rescue Force. Rescue Striker launched its Water Cannon. But AI Daen revealed Dark Striker could preform the attack as well. R5 then launched the five medium vehicles. AI Daen also calculated this and send a signal toward the medium vehicles and made them combine with Dark Striker.

R1 got out of Striker to help R2 out of battle, for R2's vehicle, Rescue Saver has been upgraded. Core Striker Max and Rescue Striker will hold off AI Daen. As soon Saver arrived, R1 Max and R2 combined them into the robot, Rescue Max.

AI Daen haven't calculated the robot's debut. Further, R1 Max declared that his Rescue Soul is something that couldn't be calculated. Rescue Force managed to find the point where the main control is and detached the medium vehicles. Rescue Max then charged at AI Daen and Dark Striker. Desperately, the AI activated Water Cannon, but has no affect. Rescue Max then froze them with the Max Cannon.

AI Daen called out to the executives. As they begin to mourn for their master, AI Daen gave them final instructions. Leaving a device called the Dark Commander to them, the AI told them to follow the device's signal where their energy charger and their new master would be waiting. AI Daen was then destroyed in impact. Now with AI Daen destroyed, Daen is completely no more.

Episode AppearancesEdit

  • Ep. 25 - Max Suit-Up Complete! The New R1
  • Ep. 27 - The Ultimate Combination! Enter Rescue Max.
  • Ep. 28 - Daen's Daughter: It's Maen (brief flashback)
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